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Re-dispersible Emulsion Powder  
Re-dispersible emulsion powder is made from mist-praying of polymer emulsion. After mixing with the water contained in mortar, it disperses and newly forms stable polymer emulsion. After the re-dispersible emulsion powder disperses in water, the moisture evaporates and forms polymer film in mortar, thus improving the properties of the mortar. Different re-dispersible emulsion powder exerts different effect on dry mortar.

Properties of re-dispersible emulsion powder:
── improve the bending strength and toughness.
The polymer film formed from Zhaojia re-dispersible emulsion powder has an excellent tenacity. It establishes a flexible connection between the gab of cement mortar particles and the surface film, thus making the hard and crisp cement more flexible. Adding re-dispersible emulsion powder makes mortar many times tougher than common mortar.
── Improving the bonding strength and cohesive strength of mortar
  As organic binder, after forming film, the re-dispersible emulsion powder can bring forth high tensile strength and excellent bending strength to various basic materials, playing an important role in the cohesive strength of mortar, organic materials (EPS, plastic cystosepiment, etc) and basic materials with smooth surface. As a kind of strengthening material, the filmed polymer powder spreads in the whole system of mortar, thus strengthening the cohesive force.
──Improving the impact resistance, durability and abrasive resistance of mortar
Emulsion powder fills the vestibule of mortar, to increase the density and the abrasive resistance of the mortar. Under the external force, it will become loose but will not be damaged. Polymer film can exist in the mortar system permanently.
──Improving the weather resistance, thawing and freezing resistance and preventing the mortar from cracking
Re-dispersible emulsion powder is a kind of thermoplastic resin, having a good flexibility and being able to making mortar response to the change of environmental temperature, thus effectively preventing the mortar from cracking due to a change of temperature.
── Improving the hydrophobicity of mortar and decreasing water absorption rate
  Re-dispersible emulsion powder forms a film at the vestibule and on the surface of mortar. When contacting water, polymer film will not disperse again. It resists the invasion of water and improves the impermeability. The special re-dispersible emulsion powder of hydrophobic effect has a better function of hydrophobicity.
── Improving the workability of mortar
  There is lubricating effect among the particles of polymer emulsion powder; it enables the components of mortar to flow independently. Meantime emulsion powder has inductive effect on air, which endows mortar compressibility and improves the workability of the mortar.
The application of re-dispersible emulsion powder
1. Thermal insulation system of outer wall
  Adhesive mortar:guarantee that the mortar connect the wall and EPS plate firmly, thus improving the adhesive strength.
  Surface mortar:guarantee that the mechanical strength of thermal insulation system, the crack resistance, the durability and the impact resistance.
2. Tile adhesive and joint mixture
  Tile adhesive: to provide mortar with intense adhesion and enough flexibility to response to various coefficient of thermal expansion of the basement and the tile.
  Joint mixture:to provide mortar with impermeability to prevent water from penetrating, in addition, to foster a good adhesion, a low contraction percentage and a good flexibility with the edge of tiles.
3. Tile renewing and board lacquer putty
To increase the lacquer putty’s adhesive force and cohesive strength on special base materials, like the smooth surface of tiles, mosaic and plywood and to guarantee the lacquer putty an excellent flexibility to response to the expansion coefficient of base material.
4. Lacquer putty of inner and outer wall
  To improve the cohesive strength of lacquer putty and guarantee lacquer putty a certain flexibility to buffer different expansion and contraction effect resulting from different base courses.
  To guarantee lacquer putty a good aging resistance, impermeability and moisture resistance.
5. Self-leveling mortar
  To guarantee the matching attribute of modulus of elasticity, the bending resistance and crack resistance
  To improve the abrasive resistance, cohesive strength and cohesion force.
6. Interface treating mortar
  To improve the strength of the surface of base material and guarantee the cohesive force of mortar.
7. Cement base waterproof mortar
  To guarantee the waterproof property of mortar coating, form a good cohesive force on the base surface and improve the compression strength and bending strength.
8. Repair mortar
  To guarantee the matching of mortar and the expansion coefficient of base materials and reduce the modulus of elasticity
  To guarantee enough hydrophobicity, breathability and cohesive force of mortar.
9. Masonry and plastering mortar
  To improve water retentivity
  To reduce the porous base material’s loss of water
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